One of the thing we feel strongly about here at FC is customer support. We feel that companies providing automated call lines, call centre's in different time zones unknowledgeable staff means that company is NOT providing support to its clients.

To this end we have built our support around a few basic principals to ensure your business has the absolute best support possible for your FC products and solutions.

  • All customers receive email support inclusive

  • All customers receive telephone support inclusive and unlimited!

  • No automated switch boards ever. You dial you speak to a human every time.

  • Always in your time zone - Whatever your time zone you will always go straight through to a human.

  • Always in your language - Whatever your language, your call will always go through to someone you speaks to you in your language.

  • NO first or second line support! - As a client you are assigned a developer. Your developer will be a primary developer making them 100% capable of answering any and ALL technical question on the spot with our system.
No more waiting for your ticket to be passed up a support queue so in 3 months time someone capable actually looks at it.
No more call centers staffed by people who can barely speak your language.
No more waiting outside of your office hours until you are in the same time zone as your support department.
No additional costs! All this is standard for all our clients. Its our way of making sure your business has everything it needs to grow.
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