FC CRM Lite is the FREE version of FC CRM. Thats right its completely free and won't cost you a penny for its entire life unless you choose to upgrade to the standard or professional CRM versions. It is hosted on our platform and contain all the standard features of our other versions. However it does have a few limitations on advanced features.

What you get

  • FC CRM Core including company and contact management
  • Full search facilities
  • Notes against companies and contacts
  • Unlimited status and sources for your leads
  • Country support for trading regions
  • Call back scheduling and alerts
  • Meeting scheduling and alerts
  • Export to outlook Contacts, Companys, Call backs and Meetings
  • Lead and Account segregation
  • Reports
  • 2 users
  • Full customisation of CRM system from standard admin interface
  • Email support

What you don't get

  • Email facilities
  • Email templating
  • Campaigns including landing pages, email campaigns and postal campaigns
  • Label Creator
  • Unlimited users
  • Document storage and management
  • Telephone and 24/7 support

So for the price of nothing you get your business a full fledged CRM Solution setup configured and ready to rock within an hour!

Free CRM Now
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