First Contact CRM?

The FC CRM system brings together the four main components necessary for any business to compete in their respective industry.

  • Customer/Contact Management
  • Time Management
  • Document Management
  • Campaign Management

The FC CRM is feature rich yet easy to use, while maintaining a speed and efficiency our competitors can only dream about. Tailored firmly for the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) class of business our CRM Solutions will help you work quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Your sales team can handle more prospects at once, your account managers can deal with more clients than ever before.

Hosted on our secure platform there are no costs to you with regards to having to supply or maintain servers and you don't have to worry about product upgrades and improvements. Due to its web based nature the system is also available 24/7/365 to your users anywhere in the world and on any device. Free your staff from the confines of your office and get them where they need to be, out and about seeing clients. All they need is a device with access to the internet, from an office pc, Laptop or mobile smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Nokia)

And the best thing about all this? We can have you up and running quicker and more cost effectively than any other CRM Provider.


Web hosted and available anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connection

99.99% Guaranteed up time

Real time, securely encrypted data

YOU OWN THE DATA - many other CRM providers on hosted platforms make it almost impossible for you to get your data back out. Not us, you own your data and so you can have it any time you wish.

Advanced reporting facilities allow you to view your staffs efficiency as well as reports on your clients activities

Advanced search available throughout the site enabling you to find the data you want immediately

Standard users default to viewing their data only enabling them to focus on their clients and leads

Listing pages for companies and contacts with advanced filtering options allowing you to view only the leads and clients your interested in

Export client data to outlook from directly within the site

Assign multiple contacts per company and create reporting chains of who reports to who

Set primary contacts for companies allowing you to see at a glance who you should be calling

Store and track notes against companies and individuals within companies and record who wrote the note and when.

Set multiple trading currencies against companies allowing you to quickly and easily deal with foreign clients

Plan and schedule call backs and meetings with companies and contacts and include internal members of staff as well as multiple external contacts on meetings

Notification and alerts for upcoming scheduled call backs and meetings giving you plenty of notice to get to your required location

Quickly and easily transfer clients and contacts between users

Advanced reporting allows managers to see exactly what’s going on within their departments, user efficiency, system usage and many other reports are available

Create templated emails including attachments and images stored within the system.

One click email sending to company primary contact or to individual contacts. Simply select the template and click send the system does the rest.

System admins can manage all aspects of the system from status to users to how many leads and notifications are displayed throughout the site and on the dashletts

Dashboard on login shows users immediately what’s happening for them right now so they can jump straight in and get to work.

Full and UNLIMITED document storage, now you can store quote/invoices and general documents directly against your contacts keeping all your client information in a single location!

Full Campaign Management (see details below).

Imagine carrying an address book, diary and a filing cabinet around with you.


Low setup cost

Affordable monthly fees

Real time, securely encrypted data

YOU OWN THE DATA - Many other CRM providers on hosted platforms make it almost impossible for you to get your data back out. Not us you own your data and so you can have it any time you wish.

Increase Efficiency - Each member of your sales and account management teams will be able to handle more clients or leads than previously

Managers stay in the loop - With our advanced reporting features and other management features line and department managers can view exactly what’s going on and who is doing what.

Automated Alerts - Set your call back or meeting and be warned in plenty of time that the event is due.

Simple data display - Access all your information about a client or lead from a single page. No clicking down a rabbit warren of pages to find what you're after.

Fast Fast FAST - Our system is fast, very fast. Retrieve the information you require about your leads and contacts instantly.

Flexible - Create complex company reporting chains to an unlimited depth, segment your leads and clients as much as you like with our flexible status and source system

Email clients - Create templated emails and email them at the click of a button. No need to fire up outlook or type out an essay, a single click and its gone.

Reduce your costs - Increasing efficiency means increased savings.

Increase staff happiness - Staff with the tools to do their job more effectively are happier, happier staff are more productive staff.

Campaign Management

It allows users of the FC CRM system to prepare marketing campaigns for either Postal, Email or Landing pages. Target these campaigns directly at contacts, prospects, leads and clients stored within the FC CRM system and gather detailed metrics on those campaigns. At the same time it simplifies the whole campaign creation, sending and management process so sending out that latest Email Campaign or Newsletter becomes a 5 minute job not the several hours other systems make it!

Postal Campaigns

Create your campaign, Add your campaign targets to the mailing list. Then using our cutting edge label printer generate a template for all the common Avery Label sizes for your contacts. Fill your printer with the matching labels and click the print button. Easy as that. Using the FC CRM Campaign system you can prepare your entire postal campaign in under 5 minutes.

Landing Pages

Create a landing page campaign, Create the links required for your landing page HTML. The advanced link generator of the FC CRM Campaign system will automatically turn your campaign links into HTML and all you have to do is copy and paste them into your template. Wrap them around images or create text links. Once your campaign is active and your landing page is up the FC CRM Campaign system will immediately begin tracking link clicks in real time. Our advanced reporting facilities allow you to gain both high level and drill down details on the links clicks and total clicks accurate to the second of activity! All in real time!

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns within the FC CRM Campaign system are a work of art. Create your campaign, Add your targets, Create your links. Our link engine will create link templates that can be used within our Email template system. You can either design your email using our advanced built in template editor or supply the tracking link templates to your designer and let them do the hard work! Prepare your campaign, Create your target list and have your campaign ready for sending within 5 minutes! No other email marketing system is this easy or quick to use. Once your campaign is sent the real magic begins. We track email views and link clicks across targets, days and amounts all in real time. Our advanced reporting facilities allow you to view the results as they happen and allow detailed drill down from general email views and link clicks to a detailed report of who clicked which link and when accurate to the second. Or should you choose you can focus on a specific target and view their activities within the campaign. Coupled with the landing page system and tracking the FC CRM Campaign Management system allows you to track and manage your marketing campaigns with an accuracy and detail never before available to companies.


We understand that changing CRM systems or implementing a new one having never had one before is a big task and makes a big impact on your business. To ensure you are fully aware of the benefits of choosing the FC CRM solution we've listed the most common ones below. Contact our sales team should you wish to enquire further about the benefits to your business or get our Free Trial

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